Make Your WinXP 

Run Like New !


Even the speediest computers will slow down after some time. It is inevitable, and a common problem with all PCs – a problem that luckily can be remedied. The culprits of a slowing computer are mainly rooted at Windows startup, a decline in available RAM, an increase in installed programs, registry errors and clutter, fragmented files, accumulated junk, and obsolete drivers.

Our software helps you manage all these causes easily by cleaning, and repairing your computer to achieve optimal speed and performance.


 Optimize Your PC

  • Tune-up WinXP
  • WIN XP Registry Clean
  • Defrag Hard Drive
  • Clean System

Only 5 MB

Speed Up Windows XP  is Easy


3. Clean your windows and enjoy faster internet browsing

How it Works

Once installed, the software optimises your computer in 3 steps:

-          First,  it does a thorough scan for problems

-          Second, it displays all results

-          Third, it cleans and repairs all issues

Compatibility: Win8, Win7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, WinXP

Software Features

Resource Manager

During the main scan, it detects all unnecessary running processes. Many of these run in the background and unnecessarily take up resources from the programs you are using. Without these running, the programs you run will have more available resources for faster and smoother operation. Our software manages your computer resources so that only the necessary processes are allowed to run.

Startup Manager

A traffic jam at startup is very common. This happens when too many programs, update tools, and processes take place at the same time. As a default, all programs are automatically set to launch at computer startup. Not all of these needs to launch as you turn your machine on. Our Startup Manager allows you to choose only the programs and processes you want launched so that no unnecessary processes will consume the resources needed when you boot your computer.

Cleanup Tool

Over time, your hard disk collects a lot of junk files that clutter your system, such as temporary files, history, trace records, cache, system redundancies and cookies. When these are removed, your computer can free up a significant amount of disk space needed to let it perform faster. Junk files are unneeded and often go unnoticed. Our Cleanup Tool will find and report a list of unneeded files which you can choose (or choose not) to delete.


Defragmenting Tool

When your overall speed and responsiveness slow down, and files and programs take long to startup, it most likely means that you have a build up of fragmented data. The computer resources are overburdened as it takes longer and more effort for your computer to find and open a particular file in the unorganised temperament of your hard disk. Our Defragmenting Tool helps re-organise the scattered data to make it easier to find and load faster on request.

Register Errors and Clutter

If you experience slow speed along with instability issues, such as system crash and freeze, then you have a problem with the registry. Often, you’ll see unusual error messages when using a program or device, or at computer startup with registry errors. Our software repairs the registry by removing all obsolete references, fixing system errors and conflicts, as well as wrong configurations, to prevent these instability problems.

Additional Features

An additional feature of our software is the Bad Application Manager. It removes all pop-up, adware and spyware, and other unwanted applications to create a safer operating environment for your computer.

It also features a Network Optimiser which automatically adjusts your network settings to maximise your network speed.